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Gretchen Evans Designs and Ballet School is the result of the passion and experience of its Founder and Director, Gretchen Evans. She is an accomplished dancer, teacher, and ballet skirt designer. Gretchen's vision, commitment, and dedication to the art of classical ballet shows in her teaching. Gretchen’s coaching style, and creative energy have resulted in the development of a successful school.

Gretchen Evans Ballet School has offered ballet lessons to all ages and skill levels for many years. The school emphasizes a strong classical technique and flow of movement that implies a sense of energy, freedom and joy. Classes are personally taught by Gretchen Evans.

As a dancer, I enjoyed the art and learning the art. As a teacher, I work to instill strength and confidence. The art of ballet is about dancing the music, not to the music. Music is prime in teaching dance, and our wonderful pianist plays the music and not just the notes. Students respond. Ballet dance develops strength and confidence. I see my students reflect this in the way they look at the world, thus the world looks at them in a very positive way.

I designed and patented a ballet skirt because I was not satisfied with those on the market. The fit of Gretchen Evans Designs skirt is dependent on cut, and movement of the skirt is dependent on fit.  The skirt is demure and classical at rest, but exciting in motion.